Canal Road Business Park, Portarlington

Oscailte31 Ean, 2024, 9:30am - 14 Már, 2024, 5:00pm

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Laois County Council has agreed to purchase circa 6 acres of land, adjacent to Canal Road, Portarlington.  The lands form part of what is locally known as the ‘old Avon Site.’ Environmental due diligence was a key consideration underpinning the Council’s acquisition of the lands.


This Part 8 proposal has regard to the completion of site development works, such that roads, footpaths, public lighting and underground services (water, wastewater, public lighting ducting/cabling, telecoms, gas etc.) are provided, in a manner complimentary to the attached Site Layout. In turn, such provision, will enable the disposal of the sites, all to support enterprise development and expansion in Portarlington.


Whilst the area of lands purchased by the Council amounts to 6 acres, the proposed development only relates to the provision of roads, footpaths, public lighting and underground services commensurate to facilitate subsequent development of the individual sites.


Following on from the above, the key features of the proposed development are: 


  • The removal and disposal, to an authorised facility, of the existing concrete floor on the site,
  • The construction of a service road including a 2 x 3.5m carriageways and 2 x 2m footpaths, as illustrated on the attached Site Layout,
  • The provision of underground services including, but not limited to;
    • Public Water,
    • Public Wastewater,
    • Public Lighting Ducting/Cabling,
    • Gas,
    • Telecoms,
    • Broadband

The creation of a new vehicular/pedestrian access point at the Canal Road.


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