Uimhir Thagarta Uathúil: 
Brennan Family

8. Environment and Climate Change

We act on behalf of The Brennan Family, the owners of lands in Crosneen, Carlow Environs, Co Laois, and wish to make the following submission.


We attach an ordnance survey extract showing the outline of our client’s land, some of which abuts the River Barrow. The lands are located on the East of the Leighlin Road. Those portions of the Brennan land that are the subject of this submission are outlined blue-Portion 2 only. Please ignore the section outlined red and numbered no 1 in this submission as these lands were recently sold and no longer form part of our clients lands.


We also attach a copy extract of the current Joint Spatial Plan for the Greater Carlow Graiguecullen Urban Area 2012-2018. One will note that a substantial portion of our clients land is the subject of a Flood Designation. Portion 2 is superimposed on the Joint Spatial Plan for ease of reference.


Also attached are two plans downloaded from www.floodinfo.ie

These plans, which are prepared by the OPW and RPS as part of the CFRAM (Catchment Flood Risk and Assessment Management) Study, are the accepted reference authority for urban areas that are affected by flooding Nationwide. Our clients land extend over two CFRAM Plans, so both CFRAM Plans are attached.


Again, we have superimposed land Portion 2 on the CFRAM plans for ease of reference.


It is clear from the CFRAM Study plans that Portion 2 which is shown as being liable to flood in the existing Development Plan and Joint Spatial Plan, are in fact areas which are NOT liable to flood, by reference to the CFRAM Study. This indeed is also our client’s experience throughout their ownership of the lands for over 60 years.



All of our client’s lands situated east of the Leighlin Road have a Flood designation in the existing Joint Spatial Plan/Development Plan. The CFRAM Study accurately shows the true extent of the areas that are prone to occasional flooding (mostly from the River Barrow). We respectfully submit and respectfully request that the Flood designation be amended to match the CFRAM Study, thereby removing the Flood designation from Portion 2 on the attached Plan and that the land be zoned for Residential Development as it was before the previous residential was removed based on the incorrect flood information at the time (20 years ago).


We would be grateful if you would acknowledge receipt of this submission. We are of course available for any clarifications required.


Yours faithfully.


Pat Nolan