Community & Voluntary Awards Nominations - 2023

Oscailte26 Bea, 2023, 1:00pm - 14 Iúil, 2023, 4:00pm

2023 Laois Community & Voluntary Awards

Laois County Council in conjunction with Laois PPN, are delighted to announce the launch of the 2023 Laois Community & Voluntary Awards,  to acknowledge groups and individuals who, through their commitment to voluntary and community activities, have played a significant role in enhancing the quality of life in their communities.

Categories for 2023 are:
  • Arts, Culture & Heritage – which recognises Groups/Organisations who enhance their local areas, by conserving, protecting and promoting the Arts, Culture and Heritage of their local community through collective creative activities.  Examples include: Drama, Music, Literature, Arts, Festivals, Conservation, and Heritage.
  • Sports Award – which focuses on groups or schools, who have focused on physical health, increasing the number of people participating in the sport, particularly those with a low participation rate.
  • Climate Action Award -  Award recognises communities carrying out awareness initiatives and/or actions that make a positive contribution against climate change. Climate actions can encourage your community to improve the impact of their everyday choices, support local communities and foster a sustainable approach to protecting the environment.
  • Best Kept Residential Area- which recognises the hard work and dedication shown in residential areas throughout Laois, recognises the great pride people have in their own communities, recognise the value of our biodiversity and continued to put in a huge effort, on behalf of the places where they live.
  • Social Inclusion – which  recognises Groups/Organisations that actively work in a supportive role in their communities and whose aim is to minimise social exclusion and/or help to improve the quality of life for socially excluded groups.  Examples include; Working with the elderly, People with Disabilities, Ethnic Minority, Travelling Community, Young people in transition, LGBTI+ and the Homeless.
  • Health and Well Being- which recognises community  health  and wellbeing initiatives i.e mental health, sexual health, awareness raising & promotion around medical conditions, disorders and disabilities, including  opportunities for social connections, increased meaningful daily activities, developing confidence and providing a sense of purpose  & positive self-worth for citizens in the community.

Groups will be judged by the Adjudication Panel based on the following criteria:

  • Contribution of the group to the community;
  • How representative the group is of the community;
  • Level of voluntary involvement and participation;
  • How well a group, service and/or activities are planned and delivered, and the use of innovative approaches;
  • Positive impact of the work of the group on the local and wider community;
  • Positive impact the work has had on the target category, i.e., arts, community services & support, sports & recreation, etc;
  • Use of inclusive working methods, e.g., reaching out to ensure that those who most need to actually get involved/benefit from inclusion;
  • Future benefits to the community

This form should be used to nominate a Group/Club/Organisation Only. Groups/Clubs/Organisations can nominate themselves.


Before completing this form pleasure ensure you:

  • Remember to have  a photo of the group/individual ready to upload
  • Remember to tick all the Consent boxes for data protection purposes.

Applications are also accepted by email to or posted to

Community Awards Section, Laois County Council, Áras an Chontae, Portlaoise, Co Laois and marked: “Community & Voluntary Awards 2023 Nomination”.

Closing Date is 4pm on 14th July, 2023

For further assistance and queries, please contact (057) 86 64078 or email


  1. To ensure judging is fair and impartial, Judges will be selected from outside of County Laois.
  2. The group/club/organisation must be well established.
  3. The group/club/organisation must be registered with Laois Public Participation Network prior to nominations.
  4. The nominator may or may not be a member of the nominated group.
  5. The group should not be in receipt of regular State funding, e.g., regular grant aid. Should the group have received a once-off grant for a particular item/project, this should be disclosed and will be judged accordingly.
  6. The nominated group must have set out what they are about, highlighting their current/recent activities and achievements and the impact that all of their activities have on the local and wider community including, if appropriate, their level of participation locally and their level of volunteerism.
  7.  The nominated group must have set out what their plans are for the future, based on their commitment to making a difference in the community.
  8.  A minimum of two digital photographs must accompany the application form. Photographs should be of good quality and may be used for publication.
  9. Nominations will be shortlisted by an independent Committee. Nominees will be notified in writing.
  10. Groups can only be nominated in one category.
  11. Nomination form which doesn’t have all the required consents from all individuals/groups involved will be deemed invalid.


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